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Ready Made Drapes


While we have obviously built our business around a reputation for beautiful and high quality custom made draperies, we understand that not every homeowner wants to spend the time or money on that process Ready Mades. Even though we make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible and keep the design process painless, there are still many of you out there who simply want to come in, pick up some readymade draperies and go about their day.In our efforts to become Ontario’s favorite one stop shop for all things related to interior design, we have added a full range of readymade draperies in addition to the custom designed and produced draperies which we have built our business on. While these draperies will obviously not be designed to your specifications, we can guarantee you that they will be always be manufactured to the same exacting quality standards.On top of our custom and readymade draperies, we also stocked our store with a wide variety of high quality shutters and blinds from Hunter Douglas, Delor and others. This not only provides you with easy choices if you’re of the ‘grab and go’ temperament, but also allows our design consultants a wider range of choices when working to find the perfect window treatments for your home no matter what it might be. Call or email us today and set up an appointment with one of our professional design consultants to get started down the road toward redecorating your home with shutters, blinds or draperies.

Ready Made Draperies from fabrics and suppliers.
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